Beer Can Cake

How fun is this cake!? It’s perfect for the beer-lover in the family.


I received a request to make a Beer Bottle Cake for a client’s husband. She sent me an image of what she was looking for a and I used that as inspiration for this cake.


The cake is Vanilla and it is frosted and decorated with Cream Cheese Frosting.


There are many different option as to how to make this type of carved cake. You could bake the cake in rounds, slice them in half and stand them up on the cut side to form the angle of the cake. Another way, which is how I did it, is to bake 2-3 square or rectangle layers and then trim away the sides. This method is a bit more tedious and you will have more excess, but I like carving the cake down.


After carving I dirty iced the cake and then piped on the pattern for the can. I then came back and did some detail work for the logo as well as the top of the can. There was a “Happy Birthday” message on the bottom as well.


I hear that the cake was a hit and was more than what the client was expecting. Yay! Bonus is that you can use the excess for Cake Balls!


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2 Responses to Beer Can Cake

  1. LaDonna says:

    Is there a special cream cheese icing recipe you use for decorating a full cake like that?

    • Sarah says:

      There is yes. It is called a ‘crusting’ cream cheese and it uses vegetable shortening in place of some of the butter and it also has meringue powder in it to prevent color bleeding. As for the amount I use a recipe that requires 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of vegetable shortening, 8oz. cream cheese and about a full bag of powdered sugar, sometime more! Hope this helps.

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