Girly Winnie The Pooh Cake


Here is a simple and cute Girly Winnie The Pooh Cake!


The cake was a 6in round Vanilla Cake and then it was frosted with Vanilla Buttercream. I then piped on Pooh’s face and used pink and purple for the border and the “Happy Birthday” message.


Very fun with a touch of girly!


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Cookie Monster Smash Cake


Who loves cookies? Who has a child who loves cookie? Well, if you do, they might like this Cookie Monster Smash Cake!


The cake is a basic 6in round and it is frosted with my buttercream frosting. The Cookie Monster face is rounded cake and then his fur is piped all over. In Cookie Monster’s mouth is a freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie.


Very easy and very cute!

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Angry Bird Cakepops


Angry Birds is quite the popular game these days! So, it was no surprise when I received a request to make some Angry Birds Cake Pops!


These little guys were made out of baked and crumbled cake that was then combined with frosting and formed into the various shapes of each bird in game. They were then dipped in the corresponding color of melted chocolate.


After the chocolate hardened, various elements were added on, to include the eyes, ears, beaks, eyebrows, and other character features.


These were a challenge to make and very time consuming, but how they ended up looking in the end sure was worth the time and effort!


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DC Skateboard Cake


Do you have a son or daughter who is into skateboarding? Then they might be fans of this DC Skateboard Cake!


The challenge with this cake is that the client did not want any fondant to be used. I had to find a creative way to make a ramp and skateboard with other edible elements. In the end I ended up using crumbled cake for the ramp and buttercream frosting for the skateboard.


On the side of the cake I wrote up the birthday child’s name in a graffiti styled font. That was a lot of fun to do, especially with the two different colors.


Overall, I am very please with how this cake turned out!


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Christmas Cupcakes


Here are some simple and cute Christmas Cupcakes that I made. The wreath toppers are made out of Royal Icing and the santa hats are Sugar Cookies. Very festive and delicious!


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Gingerbread Themed Birthday


I bet it’s interesting to have a birthday during the Christmas holidays. It sure makes for interesting requests for birthday goodies! During December I was asked by a client to make a Gingerbread House Cake and Gingerbread Cupcakes and of course I said yes!


For the cake I made Vanilla Cake and dyed the inside layers Green and Red. I really enjoy dying the cake layers as I think it’s a fun surprise when you cut into it. The frosting was Vanilla Buttercream. For the gingerbread house I made a batch of Gingerbread Cookie Dough and assembled it with Vanilla Royal Icing. All the candy and and trees are made out of or attached with royal icing as well. Decorating the house was my favorite part!


For the cupcakes I made Almond Cake for half of them and Peppermint Cake for the other half. They were frosted with Vanilla Buttercream and the colors matched accordingly with red for peppermint and green for almond. I topped off each cupcake with a little Gingerbread Cookie man to bring the theme together.



When delivering this cake, the reactions I got were priceless. I really do enjoy making people happy with my decorated baked goods!


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Sock Monkey Baby Shower


Growing up I never had a sock monkey, but if I were a kid now, I would LOVE to have a sock monkey. They are so cute! Given this, I was more than pleased to put together some goodies for a Sock Monkey Baby Shower with a Christmas twist. I made Cake Pops, and Cookies.


First, the cake pops were Vanilla Cake dyed Blue on the inside since the mother-to-be would be having a boy. I mixed the cake with Vanilla Frosting and then inserted m&m’s for the ears and froze the cake prior to dipping. For the hat I piped on a dab of royal icing and topped it with a red candy. So cute!


Then, I made some Vanilla Sugar Cookies and piped a sock monkey face on top with Vanilla Royal Icing. I added some pop with colored sugar and a santa hat for the Christmas twist!


Overall, I was very pleased with how all these goodies came together. The most challenging item was the cake pops, but I did learn a lot and they came out very well!

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