I am, yet another, Military wife living on the wonderful island of Okinawa Japan, but…

….I love to BAKE!

You name it, i’ll try to make it! I am up for any challenge!

I want to take my love of baking and use it help those who want some tasty treats, but don’t have the time to make them.

Who wants store-bought cookies, when you can have fresh, home baked, from scratch goodies made for you?!


12 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Christy says:

    Hello, just inquiring on pricing for a spiderman cake. I would like a small cake with cupcakes to feed 30 adults/kids. Thanks

  2. Susan Tokeshi says:

    Amazing! I’m sending an email right now!(^-^)/

  3. Jamaida says:

    Hello Sarah. I was referred to you because I am wanting a cake done with fondant. I do have a picture but can’t email it thru this site. Can you please email me so I can forward you the picture to get a quote from you as soon as possible. Thanks for your time!!

  4. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    Hi sarah! I was looking at ur work and was very interested in a cake for my baby’s 1st bday, but you live so far away. So what I’m asking, I guess, is if I could the ok with the copy right to have publix so it. You are so extremely talented! I am a usmc wife muself! Lol.

  5. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    I apologize about the errors above, trying to send this on my phone and its not cooperating. I look foward to speaking with you soon!

  6. Achala says:

    Can you tell me which star tip using for your decoratings. If you can tell me really appreciate.


  7. Elsa Chen says:

    Hi, I am from Taiwan. We are going to visit Okinawa next weekend. We want to celebrate the birthday for a girl of the friend on April 25. She likes Olaf from Disney cartoon Frozen. We don’t have too much people, so I think 6 inch cake is enough for us. May I order the cake from you?

  8. Elsa Chen says:

    Thank you, Sarah! It’s a wonderful cake with Olaf theme. The birthday girl loved it very much! You are not only making a cake but also carrying on a dream for a young girl.

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