Review by Sara: Ordered 1 small layer cake with decorations & 4 dozen cupcakes.

How did it taste? Everyone LOVED the cake. It was simply delicious. Not too sweet but not bland by any means. If the decor was any indication of how great it tasted then this cake was SPOT on.

Was the price reasonable for what you received? The pricing was more than reasonable.

How was it decorated/was it what you wanted or expected? I asked for a very simple small cake for my son and then lots of  cupcakes for everyone else. It turned out beautifully and perfect for his 2 yr old birthday. The only thing I missed was that I had really wanted a truck or something of that sort on there and that didn’t seem to make it on the cake or around it. However, that minute detail was no big deal. None of the kids seemed to care what was on the cake and the parents all commented on how great it was.

How was working with the baker? Sarah truly listened to what I was asking and was amazing. She delivered the cake and set it up for me in a very timely manner before the party!!

Anything else to add? I will most definitely be using Sarah again. She’s great at listening, she’s fair on her pricing and she’s definitely creative!!

Review by Michael: Ordered 1 8in. 2 layer Chocolate cake with Chocolate Buttercream.

“My wife’s Birthday was coming up quick and she wanted a cake that wasn’t a store bought cake.  She knows me all too well.  I contacted Sarah from Sarah’s Sweets and Treats inquiring about a special cake for my special lady.  My wife loves chocolate, and so does the rest of the family, so I asked if she could create a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on top.  The response from Sarah came quicker than I expected and with a resounding YES!    Yes, she could make my wife a wonderful chocolate birthday cake.  What a relief.  The relief that I didn’t have to stumble and try to make a cake myself and a relief that Sarah said she had the perfect recipe for a chocolate cake.  I was more than relieved, I was ecstatic!

Sarah asked me what kind of design I wanted on the cake and to be honest, I hadn’t even thought of one.  Thankfully, Sarah was able to steer me in the right direction with some suggestions.  I chose a design that represented two important things in my wife’s life, two little feet.  Why is this important you may ask?  Well, the first reason is that it represents our beautiful daughter and her pettiness.  Second, it represents my wife’s photography business and her love of photographing families and their wonderful children.

Before I knew it, the cake was ready!  When I took a look at Sarah’s creation, I knew it was the work of a master!  The design couldn’t be more perfect and it looked almost too good to eat, almost.  The cake filled the air with that wonderful rich chocolate aroma.  My daughter and I knew that eating this cake was going to be an enjoyable experience.  Our mouths were watering during the, almost torturous, drive home.  Not from traffic but from the desire to consume this masterpiece.

Once we sang “Happy Birthday” and my wife blew out the candles it was finally time to treat our taste buds to a little bit of heaven.  The cake tasted absolutely terrific!  It had perfect consistency and it was very moist.  It was one of the best chocolate flavored cakes we had ever had!  Most assuredly better than any store bought cake.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience working with Sarah.  Thank you for ensuring my wife had a birthday to remember!”

Review by Kristy: Ordered 1 XBOX360 Themed cake. Chocolate cake with Chocolate Buttercream covered in fondant.

“The cake tasted awesome. The price was very reasonable for the time and effort that was put into it.  With all the details and everything [the price] was actually very cheap. The cake looked like a real Xbox and controller. The cake was decorated just the way I wanted a black Xbox with controller and Cookie that was in the shape of a game CD.  I could not
have asked for better detail.  It was perfectly designed and made!! Sarah you were phenomenal to work with, any and every question I had you got back to me in a timely manner and were very professional and kind.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for me. My husband, Frank was really surprised and could not believe that I
had a cake made in the shape of one of his favorite items he has.  The waiter at Mac Grill told us it looked too nice to cut!!”

Review by Shaunna: Ordered 1 11 x 14 in. Marble Layer Cake w/ Buttercream & Fondant Decorations. 5 doz. Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Vanilla Buttercream Swirled Frosting.

The taste of the cake and the cupcakes was great, [the baker] did exactly the way I wanted them. The cake was marble and the frosting tasted out of this world the colors were perfect and the cupcakes were not too much and not too little, perfect for little hands to grab and go. The price was very good for the cake and the cupcakes. [The baker] listened to what I wanted and met the expectations [Sarah] is a wonderful baker and cake/cupcake decorator I will be using [her] services again and again as long as [she] is on the island.

Review by Jannine: Ordered 2 doz. (13 per doz.) Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies.“Recently, a friend shared a cookie with me that she had received from Sarah and I enjoyed it so much that I placed an order with Sarah a couple of weeks later. Sarah’s website says that she prefers orders to be placed a week in advance but I thought I would ask her anyway if she could bake two dozen cookies and have them ready in just a couple of days (I had a party to attend). She replied very promptly to my email and said that it wouldn’t be a problem; we agreed to meet on Camp Foster (halfway point between both our homes) when the cookies were ready. Sarah charged me $16 for two dozen red velvet/white chocolate cookies, but when I met her she told me that the batter ended up turning out 30 cookies and so she added the extra cookies free of charge. The cookies were delicious, the price was very reasonable, and Sarah went to great lengths to provide excellent customer service – I will be ordering more cookies from her again.”

Review by Susan: Ordered 2 Carved cakes – One Vanilla, one Chocolate & 1 Doz. Cupcakes.

How did it taste?: “The cakes and cupcakes were very good- not too sweet, just the way I like it! The cake was a big hit at my party, several people were eating 3 and 4 cupcakes! The frosting was very yummy!”

Was the price reasonable for what you recieved?: “I feel like the price was a good match for the design, detail, and servings that I ordered and recieved!”

How was it decorated/was it what you wanted or expected?: “It was exactly what I had pictured!”

How was working with the baker(me)?: “Sarah was great- wonderful communication, and open to my ideas!”

Review By Mike: Ordered 1 10in Green Tea Chiffon Cake + 1 Sweet Potato & Sesame Loaf

“The Green Tea Cake and Purple Sweet Potato Sesame Loaf I purchased were much enjoyed by my friend’s Japanese wife. The presentation was great as well. The price was well within reason and less than what I was expecting. Sarah worked with me even though I constantly changed my mind on the date of delivery. I will definitely buy from Sarah’s Sweets & Treats again!”

**Note: Mike has since ordered cupcakes and another fondant decorated cake!

Review By BJ: Ordered 1 9×13 Organ Donor Cooler Cake – Fondant Covered

“Taste-  the flavor was phenomenal, one of the richest and most perfectly moist cakes I’ve ever had.  The frosting was perfectly balanced throughout the cake so every bite was delicious.  My wife and finished the entire cake ourselves in a week because we could not stop eating it!

The decorations are the cake were far beyond what we expected.  Sarah’s craftsmanship and attention to detail completely blew us away.  She truly takes pride in her work and has a tremendous talent.  She even incorporated rice crispy treats into the the cake for structural integrity, and ended up adding a delicious aspect to it.  Her creativity was apparent throughout.

For the quality of the product, the price we paid was an absolute bargain.  Sarah was also extraordinarily accommodating and really met our needs with our very busy schedule.  I will definitely go to her again and cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thanks for the awesome cake!!!”

Review By Christina: Ordered Cookie Monster Smash Cake and Sesame Street Cupcakes

How did it taste? Excellent. I also appreciated the help in determining what flavor of frosting mixed well with the flavor of cake because I had no idea!

Was the price reasonable for what you received? Very much so. I will say at first during our initial e-mails I thought the price of the cupcakes was higher than it should have been; however once seeing the finished product I know I got more than what I paid for because of the time involved to decorate each individual cupcake. I think those of us who aren’t bakers or cake decorators don’t realize that until we actually see it.

How was it decorated and/or was it what you wanted or expected? It was better than expected. I still don’t know how you made cupcakes look like actual Sesame St. characters. Everyone loved Big Bird’s beak and the fact that Cookie Monster had an actual cookie in his mouth. I also personally loved the fact that the inside of the smash cake was blue. It looked awesome for the photo shoot.

How was working with the baker (me)? Great….very helpful and I appreciated that you meet on Foster. I know Kinser isn’t far but on “party day” the time I save by driving to Foster instead of Kinser helps out A LOT!!!

Any other comments you may have? I couldn’t have asked for anything better for my son’s first birthday party/cake smash photo shoot. So many people commented on how excellent it tasted and were amazed with how it looked. Honestly I think I got the better end of the deal in regards to pricing. My husband even commented that he would have paid more especially for the smash cake….but shhhhh don’t raise your prices hahaha 🙂

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  1. Kelley says:

    I ordered strawberry cupcakes not expecting anything elaborate but Sarah made the cupcakes special. The frosting was delicious. The price reasonable. Sarah obviously takes pride in what she does.

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