Tres Leches Doughnuts

Surprise! It’s not a cake post today!


I have made a few Tres Leches Cakes in the past, so I was excited when I received a request  to make a Tres Leches Doughnut!


The base of the doughnut is the typical cake base for a Tres Leches Cake. I then soaked the doughnuts in a Milk-Based Liquid, similar to what you would do for the Cake. They were then topped off with a Milk-Based Glaze and a few sugar crystals to add some pizzaz!


These doughnuts sure were rich! More of a knife and fork type if you ask me, as they were very flavorful and moist. Next time I would like to experiment with a possible doughnut filling.

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Argyle Ocean Cake


Love the colors of the ocean? Love the pattern of argyle?


Then you’re going to love this cake! It’s the Argyle Ocean Cake. I was asked by a client to make a cake to match a “preppy-ocean boy-themed” party set. For the cake I made an 11×15 sheet. The inside is Vanilla Flavored and it is dyed Green and Blue. It is frosted and decorated with Vanilla Buttercream.


On the cake I piped a gigantic #1 since it was for a child’s 1st birthday. I then filled in the 1 with an argyle pattern and ocean colors. Along the sides of the cake is a “Happy Birthday” message. Very simple, yet very effective and fits the theme perfectly!


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Weight Belt Cake

Here is a cake that I did a while ago that managed to get lost among all the others.


It was for a friend who recently (when the cake was made) won the Welter Weight Championship in MMA Fighting. He won a pretty nifty belt to show for it. He also wanted to celebrate with a cake. The design idea was to make the belt into a cake.


The cake was baked and carved into the shape of the belt. It was then frosted with Vanilla Buttercream. Over the top was fondant, and then the details of the belt were piped with Vanilla Royal Icing. I like how the royal icing holds up on top of fondant. The borders on the top and bottom were buttercream.


I heard that the cake was a hit at the party. It was a great way to celebrate a great win!

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Minnie Mouse Cake


How cute is this Minnie Mouse Cake?


I received my second request for a pink Minnie Mouse birthday cake. For this one the cake is Vanilla Cake dyed Pink inside. This is makes it really fun when cut into. It is frosted and decorated with Vanilla Buttercream.


The client wanted little to no fondant incorporated in the design so I decided to do the star tip method for Minnie’s face. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Along the sides of the cake is a “Happy Birthday” message as well as the child’s birthday age.


Perfect for a fan of the world’s cutest mouse!

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Lorax Cake

Who’s a Dr. Seuss fan?


I sure am and this Lorax Cake, for a little girls birthday, was pretty fun to make! The cake was Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream. The inside of the cake was dyed yellow, green, and pink, to match the theme. It would also be pretty cool once cut into to see all the colors.


For the Truffula Trees I made basic Cake Pops and then colored the sticks to mimic the bark. Once the cake was dipped in chocolate I added colored sprinkles to match the theme as well. Very simple yet effective.


I sure hope the birthday was a blast!

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Batman Cake

Got a Batman Fan?


If so, then they might be a fan of this Batman Birthday Cake! I made this for a client who’s son was a huge Batman fan. The cake is Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream.


For decoration I started with a base of yellow and then piped the Batman face on the top of the cake. I added a border to the bottom and a “Happy Birthday” message along the sides.


There was a special surprise with this cake as well. The inside was dyed black. How cool would that be when it is cut into?! I bet it was pretty cool, just saying.

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Primary Color Birthday

Who’s ready for some color?


I give you the Primary Color Birthday! A client requested some goodies for an upcoming 1st Birthday and the theme was primary colors. Red, blue, and yellow were the primary colors and I used orange, green, and purple as accents.


For the sheet cake I made Lemon Cake with Almond Buttercream. For decoration I piped on various circles and then added corresponding colors. In the center I added a “1st” and along the sides there was a “Happy Birthday” message.


For the smash cake I made Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. It was colored yellow and a “1st” added in the center. Along the sides was a personalized birthday message similar to the sheet cake.



For the cupcakes I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream. For these I did a simple rainbow swirl of color on top of each. Simple, but really pulls everything together.


Lots of color and lots of fun!

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Sophie Giraffe Cake


Do you have a little one that has a Sophie Giraffe Teething Toy?


Well, this client did and she wanted to have Sophie on the cake so I made this Sophie Giraffe Cake!


I made an Almond Funfetti sheet cake with Almond Buttercream. I then piped Sophie on top of the cake and added the name of the birthday child. Along the sides are a fun “Happy Birthday” message.


There was also a Smash Cake to accompany the larger cake. It was the same flavors and the decor was kept simple. I piped on a ruffle border using the same color scheme and then added in a “1st” on top for the birthday child.


The client was very happy with the looks of the cake, and the taste was spot on as well. I bet the little one had a blast tearing into the smash cake!


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Turtle Cake


How cute is this little turtle?


I made this cake for a Baby Shower and the turtle was the logo for the invitations and decorations. The cake was Almond with Almond Buttercream.


I just piped a simple turtle on top to mimic the decorations and added a fun border around the top and bottom.


Simple and very cute. The cake was a hit with everyone at the shower as well!

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Green & Blue Stars Cake


I am a big fan of stars. They are one of my favorite shapes.


Needless to say, I was excited when I was approached to make a Green & Blue Star Cake for a birthday party. The cake was Vanilla with a Raspberry Filling. It was frosted with Vanilla Buttercream and then covered in Fondant.


The client wanted it simple, so I added various sized stars to the cake and then dusted them with a little glitter to give them some shine. I also added some edible pearls to the center of the stars and along the base of the cake. Very simple yet very cute!


The client also requested a Smash Cupcake. I dyed Vanilla Buttercream green and then swirled it on top of a Vanilla Cupcake. I then added a blue fondant star.


I had some extra cupcakes, so to those I did the same as above, but added some edible pearls to them to give them some extra pizzaz!


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