ChocoCaramelCC4 ChocoCaramelCC3OmbrePCC3CMonSmashC2 HKPinkCookie3 HKPinkCC2 HKPinkCake2 Rebel1Cake4 MinniPinkCake2 AvengersCCs5 AvengersCake1OkiSCookies5 OkiMapCake5 TCSushiCake5 KHSGradCake2 3CarCake2 AnimalBSCake7 WOPromoSC3 WOPromoCake2 GymCake2 PirateCookie5 PirateCCs2 PirateCB1 PirateCake1 PiggyCookie1 MTWICake2 80sCake2 ElmoFaceSCakeCC ElmoFaceSCake2 MexSC5 SombreroCake3 PaleoChocoCake2 ILYMTSugarCookie10 ILYMTSugarCookie11 WhaleBlueCC2 HibiscusPaintCake1 TeaPotCookie3 TeaPotCake2 4thJulyRoseCake1 ElmoSmashCC ElmoSmashC2 DolphinCake2 HelloKCC HelloKCake2 WeightBeltCake3 CCPushPopCballs CCPushPop1 CCPushPop2 SuperHeroCake1RedVelvetCake1 LPSCakeCC1 LPSCake2 MonkeyShoeBabyCake2 FondantChucks2 KawaiiPandaCake8 CarsCC5 ThinMintBrownie1 GuinMintCCs3 FootballCC5 SFHelmetCake2 NachoCheesecake2 RuffleGirlyCC1 RuffleGirlyCake5 LepTrapCake6 DisaronnoSC1 BluesCluesSCake2 BluesCluesCC2 DrSSmashCake2 DrSeussSCake3 Ben10CC1 Ben10Cake3 DoraPinkCake3 DCPumpkinScone2 WCPumpkinScone4 PinkBabyFeetCake2 HeartCakeBalls1 RWBCupcake2 RainbowCC4 PrettyPinkCC2 CanMountieSC4 LowesCake2

4 Responses to PICTURES

  1. Maria Cueva says:

    Please provide a qoute for a cake similar to the #3 shaped cake on your pictures tab how many people does that one feed we are looking for 40-50 people possibly

    • Sarah says:

      Hello! For that cake I would charge between $80-100 dollars. I am currently only serving Okinawa Japan. That cake would only feed about 25 people. Thanks!

  2. Maria says:

    Hi again do u think ull be back by next month? I think I can get that and some cupcakes to help I think am deciding on a smaller scale party please let me know asap thnx

    • Sarah says:

      Hello! Thank you for the interested but I will not be able to fulfill an order for you. Have a great day! 🙂

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