DC Skateboard Cake


Do you have a son or daughter who is into skateboarding? Then they might be fans of this DC Skateboard Cake!


The challenge with this cake is that the client did not want any fondant to be used. I had to find a creative way to make a ramp and skateboard with other edible elements. In the end I ended up using crumbled cake for the ramp and buttercream frosting for the skateboard.


On the side of the cake I wrote up the birthday child’s name in a graffiti styled font. That was a lot of fun to do, especially with the two different colors.


Overall, I am very please with how this cake turned out!


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3 Responses to DC Skateboard Cake

  1. Lou says:

    Love your creativity Sarah
    Reminded me of when Brian was into skateboarding ( and break-dancing)!!

  2. Kahy says:

    Love the Graffiti style name on the cake !

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