Sock Monkey Baby Shower


Growing up I never had a sock monkey, but if I were a kid now, I would LOVE to have a sock monkey. They are so cute! Given this, I was more than pleased to put together some goodies for a Sock Monkey Baby Shower with a Christmas twist. I made Cake Pops, and Cookies.


First, the cake pops were Vanilla Cake dyed Blue on the inside since the mother-to-be would be having a boy. I mixed the cake with Vanilla Frosting and then inserted m&m’s for the ears and froze the cake prior to dipping. For the hat I piped on a dab of royal icing and topped it with a red candy. So cute!


Then, I made some Vanilla Sugar Cookies and piped a sock monkey face on top with Vanilla Royal Icing. I added some pop with colored sugar and a santa hat for the Christmas twist!


Overall, I was very pleased with how all these goodies came together. The most challenging item was the cake pops, but I did learn a lot and they came out very well!

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