Argyle Ocean Cake


Love the colors of the ocean? Love the pattern of argyle?


Then you’re going to love this cake! It’s the Argyle Ocean Cake. I was asked by a client to make a cake to match a “preppy-ocean boy-themed” party set. For the cake I made an 11×15 sheet. The inside is Vanilla Flavored and it is dyed Green and Blue. It is frosted and decorated with Vanilla Buttercream.


On the cake I piped a gigantic #1 since it was for a child’s 1st birthday. I then filled in the 1 with an argyle pattern and ocean colors. Along the sides of the cake is a “Happy Birthday” message. Very simple, yet very effective and fits the theme perfectly!


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2 Responses to Argyle Ocean Cake

  1. Amazing cake! The details are superb and beautiful, you’re really talented!

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