USMC Cookies

Got a man in the military?


If you do, here are some fun USMC Promotion Sugar Cookies! I was contacted by a wonderful lady who’s husband was being promoted and she wanted a fun treat for him to enjoy. I made Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Vanilla Royal Icing.


For the decorations I divided the cookies in half. For one half I piped on the USMC EGA or Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. On the other half I piped on the new Rank Insignia of the lucky husband. I kept the colors simple with a white base, golden yellow, and red; the colors of the Marine Corps.


I was very pleased with how the cookies turned out. Piping the EGA was a little bit tricky. I wanted it to stand out, but not be too detailed, and I think I successfully achieved both!


I heard later that the cookies were a hit, both in flavor and in decor!

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