Purple Ombre Birthday


Who likes the color purple? Well, the recipient of this cake and accompanying cupcakes sure did!


The birthday goodies were ordered as a surprise; how fun! I was told the birthday gal loves chocolate and the color purple, so I kept it simple with a fun Purple Ombre Cake! It was a moist Chocolate Cake fluffy Vanilla Buttercream.


I used the petal technique for the sides of the cake and then gradually changed the intensity of the color purple, going from dark to light.


I really enjoyed the process and the final product sure was a sight to see! Ombre is a hard technique to master. I did find that mixing all the colors before hand is best so that you can see your shades together and make sure they progress in the proper increments.


To accompany the cake, there were Purple Ombre Cupcakes! These were also a moist Chocolate Cake with fluffy Vanilla Buttercream.


For the frosting on top I did the same petal technique, but on a smaller scale and in a circular and stacking fashion. I like how it turned out looking like a flower! Alternating the order of the colors was fun too! Over all, everything went together very nicely.


I found out later that the recipient is also a baker on Oki. I did not know this at the time and was glad to hear that she enjoyed the surprise and the cake!

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