Minnie Mouse Cake


How cute is this cake!? Its a Minnie Mouse Cake.

The cake is a small 6in Smash Cake. It is Strawberry Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and then covered in Fondant.


This is the first time I made a fondant bow! I really like how it turned out and I learned that it is crucial to let it dry for a while, that way when you go to stand it up, it does not collapse on itself. I also did the ears the same way, letting them dry then putting them on top of the cake.


It was a very simple cake to put together, with the bow and ears made ahead of time. I heard that the recipient really enjoyed the cake and was pleased with their order.

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2 Responses to Minnie Mouse Cake

  1. dreamer01027 says:

    Wow! Just wow, I’m speechless! It’s great!!! 😀

  2. mikki says:

    i realy love this cake do you ship in japan?

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