Farewell Okinawa Cake & Cookies


Here is a cake for all those Okinawa Fans out there! The Farewell Okinawa cake was made for a family who was leaving Okinawa to head back to the United States. They had been on Okinawa since 2008 and were leaving in 2012.


The cake was Marble Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. It was then decorated with the Okinawan flag emblem and an outline of the island itself. On the side of the cake was the names of various popular cities and locations on island.


This cake was accompanied by Okinawa Sugar Cookies! The cookies were Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Vanilla Royal Icing. They were then painted with various images of Okinawa.


The Whale Shark, which is at the aquarium on island, was a favorite of one of the family members.


There are Torii Gates all over the island. Including on Torii Army Base.


Who does not love the Cherry Blossoms that bloom all over the island when the season comes? So pretty!


And lastly, there was the Shisha. These little dog/lion creatures are outside of almost every building. They are in pairs, one is male and female. One has its mouth open, the others is closed. It is meant as a symbol of protection, letting good spirits in and keeping them there and letting bad spirits out and keeping them out.


When I delivered the cookies, one of the children saw the cookies and I heard him say “A whale shark, cool! Mom, look, a whale shark!” How fun is that! I had the biggest gin on my face. It is these little gems that make all the work and time put into my baked goods totally worth it.

What a great way to end an Okinawa Japan deployment!

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