Sleeping Sushi Cake


I am super excited to share this cake with you! Its a Sleeping Sushi Cake! I made this cake to enter a contest. The contest is called ThreadCakes and it is part of the Threadless T-Shirt company. The idea is to pick a t-shirt design and then make a replication of the design on or from cake. They had two different categories – 2D cakes and 3D cakes. The one that I made was 3D.


Here is the t-shirt image that I selected. Since moving to Japan, I have always wanted to make a sushi cake and this was a great way to do both – and I love sushi!


Here is the cake that I made. The base to support the cake was made out of peanut brittle. It was good in concept, but I think it could have been made/done a little bit better. The cake was Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. The entire thing was then covered in Fondant.


The little sushi on top of the cake are formed out of Cake & Frosting mixed together then covered in fondant. They were then covered with flaked coconut to mimic rice. The little pieces of fish that act as their blankets are also made out of fondant and then details were hand painted on them.


I really liked how the whole cake turned out! I learned a lot about structure, shaping, fondant, and painting on fondant. Next I want to try a realistic representation of sushi in cake form.


*Note, I did not win. I was not expecting to, I just wanted to do it. Here is the winning cake:



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  1. Mari J says:

    Super Cute!!!

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