Blue Ombre Animal Cake


I had the pleasure of making a Baby Shower Cake for a friend recently. The theme was Zoo Animals along with the color Blue.



The cake was Vanilla w/ Vanilla Buttercream. All of animals were hand drawn then piped onto the cake. I think they turned out really cute! A congratulations message was written along the sides of the cake for the mom-to-be.



By request of the party host, the inside of the cake was triple-layered and each layer was a different shade of blue. Light blue, blue, and dark blue. These created an ombre effect once sliced into. I attended the party and was able to get an interior shot. Score!


The cake was a hit at the party. Both the look and the taste were spot on!


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9 Responses to Blue Ombre Animal Cake

  1. Mrs N says:

    I love this cake! The animals are so perfectly piped. Did you use normal buttercream or Swiss meringue?

  2. Mrs N says:

    Your cake is lovely! Did you use Swiss meringue buttercream for this?

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  4. Lizeth says:

    How do I order one and how much is the cake??

  5. Mayra says:

    How do i order one?

  6. would you share your animal templates? I want to make this for my niece. I am not a business.

  7. Mechele says:

    How much would animal cake cost and how much does it feed? Where are you located?

    • Sarah says:

      Hello! It is a 9×13 (25-30 servings) sheet and can be made into a 10×15 (30-35 servings) sheets as well. Price would depend on serving needs and other elements. I am located in Okinawa, Japan.

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