Paleo Chocolate Cake

I got to try my hand at some Paleo-friendly baking! I had a friend who was competing in the Crossfit Regional Games and we wanted to send him off with a Good Luck Cake.


If your not familiar with the Palo Diet it is basically a way of eating that mimics the paleolithic time period. So nothing processed, no sugar, no dairy, no corn, no beans, etc. You stick to good fats, nuts, protein, and vegetables.


So, how can you bake? Well, I used a Chocolate Cake recipe (cacao is okay, so cocoa is as well, use as dark and natural as possible) that utilized coconut flour, cocoa, coconut oil, eggs, and honey. There are so many great Paleo-firendly ingredients on the market today.


The cake baked up very similar to a regular chocolate cake. I also tasted wonderful! You could taste the coconut, chocolate, and it was sweet from the honey. It was different in a very good way.


The Chocolate Frosting was a new recipe as well! You basically melted down dark chocolate with oil and honey, then refrigerate until firm, take it out and let it come to room temperature, and then whip it up. I was a bit skeptical a first, but it ended up working out very well. It also tasted wonderful. Tasting the cake and the frosting together was the best part. They complemented each other very well and were not too sweet or too oily.

Yeah for new recipes and ingredients!

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