Super Hero Birthday Cake & Cupcakes


Here is a recent Super Hero Cake that I made for a birthday party! There were all types of super heros on this cake. Such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Spider Man, and Flash. Of course, the best super hero on the cake was “Super T!” aka the birthday boy!


The cake was a 2-Tiered cake. The first layer was a 10in Vanilla Funfetti Cake. The second layer was an 8in Chocolate Cake. The entire cake was frosted in Vanilla Buttercream.


I piped on the various Superhero logos with buttercream. It was a challenge and very fun to do.



I also made some Vanilla Cupcakes with Sugar Cookie Toppers to accompany the cake. The toppers had various comic book sayings like “Pow!“, “Bam!“, and “Zap!“.


I was at the party and I witnesses how succesfull the cake was. The chocolate cake was a hit with adults. The kids liked the cupcakes and the sugar cookie toppers, to them it was like getting two treats in one! Most, sweet, flavorful, what more could you ask for?


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