Red Velvet Cake


Red Velvet, so simple and classic. Moist cake with a hit of cocoa, frosted with Cream Cheese Frosting. Yum….


I tried out 2 new piping techniques with this cake! The first was a Pulled Dot Border. Named so because that is exactly what you do – pipe a large dot and “pull” it with an off-set spatula, then repeat until the whole cake is covered. The second was a Ruffle Border. You basically layer the frosting on top of itself going up the side of the cake. There are markings on the cake so that all the ruffled piles are the same size. I think they both turned out pretty cool!



For the top I crumbled some of the extra cake and scattered it around. This gives it some color, and a peek as to what is inside! Both of these cakes turned out wonderful. I heard from a client that my cake gave her Mother-in-law’s cake a run for its money! Now that’s a complement!


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1 Response to Red Velvet Cake

  1. Carole Archambault says:

    Sarah, I can SO appreciate how tricky this is! I made a cake from a recipe in Better Homes… and it has a ruffled border. Well I did it but it sure didn’t look like the picture. Interesting frosting made with butter and marshmallow cream though – easy to work with. I’ll always be inspired by your talent! have a good trip! Carole

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