Guinness Mint Cupcakes & Thin Mint Brownies

The theme for this post is Mint. I know that a lot of people really love the combo of Mint + Chocolate….so here are some minty and chocolaty baked goods:


Chocolate Guinness Cupcake w/ Mint Buttercream


These were made for both St. Patrick’s Day 2012 and for a good friends birthday. They were a hit. The cupcakes were full of chocolate flavor, with subtle hints of barley and stout from the Guinness. The buttercream complemented them with a minty kick!


Thin Mint Brownies


Boy oh boy were these some fudgey and chocolately brownies! Rich and dense with mint flavor and a crunch from crumbled Thin Mint cookies. You need a big tall glass of milk with these guys!

Are you a fan of Mint and Chocolate?


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