Nach-Yo Normal Cheesecake

Happy April Fool’s Day!


I know its a bit late an all, but better late than never! Here is a dessert that I made for a party. I decided to do a fake-out and/or April Fools themed dessert of some sort. I found this recipe for Nacho Normal Cheesecake in an issue of the Food Network Magazine that I have. I remember saying, “I am sooo going to make that!” and lo-and-behold, I have!


The base is a normal Vanilla Cheesecake dyed orange to become “cheese”. There is a little more cheesecake on top of the “cheese” that is kept white to represent sour cream. Next comes all the decorations!

Tortilla Chips = Pie dough sprinkled w/ cinnamon and sugar.

Salsa = Chopped up sweedish fish mixed with strawberry jam.

Black Beans = Chocolate covered raisins.

Green Onions = Chopped green sour belts.

Cheese = Sweetened sour cream


I had a lot of fun making this dessert. It was the best seeing the final product and how non-dessert it actually looked. I brought it to the party and said that it was dessert despite what it looked like. I heard later it was a hit for both looks and taste!

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  1. That is so AWESOME!!

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