Valentine’s Day Treats

It’s that day, Valentine’s Day! Happy V-Day to all my readers and fans out there! Here is a little round up of all the goodies that I have made in honor of the day.


First up are Rice Krispie Heart Treats! I made up a batch of some almond flavored rice krispie treats, spread them into a pan, then cut them into heart shapes. I then topped them with pink glaze and pink sprinkles. Yum!



Next up are Chocolate Sugar Cookie Hearts! I took some leftover Chocolate Sugar Cookie dough and cut out some cute heart shapes. Then I piped on some Royal Icing dots and sprinkled them with pink sprinkles.


I like the contrast of the dark cookie and the bright pink colors. They tasted very chocolate-y as well!


The next treat is Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies. These were very simple to make with regular sugar cookie dough. Just dye the dough various colors, for me it was pink, purple, and yellow, then cut into hearts, bake, and then write on your sayings! Some of the other sayings included: “You Rock”, “Be Mine”, and “True Love”. Pretty much the same as a the Conversation Heart Candies. Very simple, yet very cute!


With the leftover colored dough I made some swirls!


Now for some Cake Ball Hearts! Again, very easy to make. I just made up the cake ball “dough” then spread it in a pan and froze it. Then I cut out heart shapes and froze those. Next they were coated in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. And for an added surprise, they are purple on the inside!



Lastly I made some Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies. I have made these cookies before, but this time I used a new recipe. I can say that I have now found my new go-to CC Cookie recipe! They turned out wonderful – slightly crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and full of chocolate chips. Very, very good! The addition of the pink, red, and white M&Ms made them Valentine’s Day themed. Very versatile!



Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little round up! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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