Christmas Goodie Recap

I would like to share with you some of the goodies that I made this Christmas season!


First I made some Holiday Swirl Sugar Cookies! I took sugar cookie dough, dyed some red, some green, and left some plain. I then swirled them together to create this fun design!


Some were on a stick – which would make them great for kids. They could also be wrapped up in a cute little bag with some ribbon and given as party favors.


The next goodie I made was Almond Wreaths! These are basically a “rice krispie treat” but instead of rice krispies you use corn flakes. They are also flavored with almond extract vice vanilla extract. The mixture is dyed green and shaped into wreaths and topped with red ornaments. So festive!


Another holiday goodie I made was Poinsettia Cupcakes. Simple vanilla cupcake with a buttercream Poinsettia flower on top. Super easy and super cute!


I also made some mini gingerbread people and candy canes with the leftover sugar cookie dough that I marbled together. So cute!


Another fun thing I made with left over sugar cookie dough were these simple Reindeer Cookies. The antlers, mouth, and eyes are Royal Icing and the nose is a red hot!


I hope all my readers, both in the States and on Oki, had a WONDERFUL holiday season!

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