Simple Holiday Sugar Cookies

Cookies can travel! Did you know that? Well, some travel better than others. The best I have found so far are ones that are firm and stackable. Enter: Sugar Cookies.


I made a batch of Fall & Winter Sugar Cookies for a wife who was sending them to her Husband overseas. I shaped the cookies into Leaves, Acorns, Santa Hats, Mittens, and Snowflakes. I stayed away from the royal icing since it can get soft and then squished, and instead I garnished the cookies with sprinkles and dyed the dough!


These were fun to make. It has been a while since I have dyed cookie dough and it was super fun! I liked how the two-colored acorns turned out. I first colored the dough. flattened it a bit, then rolled it out and positioned the cookie cutter so that the top half was the lighter brown, and the bottom was the darker brown.


I used the same technique with the marbled leaves, but using more colors and randomly placing the dough, then roll it flat, then cut out the leaves. I then cut in the veins before baking. They turned out super cute!


Do you need cookies set somewhere? Let me know and I can make you up a batch or two.  There are so many options!


**At the end with the leftover colored dough, I made some little Tie-dyed Bears!**

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