Fall Cake Balls


Cake Balls are super fun and easy to make! There are two ways that you can go about doing it. 1 – you can bake a Cake, crumble it and proceed from there OR 2 – you can use leftover cake from another project (carving, leveling, etc.), crumble, and proceed. I tend to use my leftover cake carvings for making cake balls, but then again, I make a lot of other cakes. If there is a specific order for cake balls, I do bake the cake fresh!


After baking and crumbling you simply add some Frosting and mix to combine. Then you form into 1/2 tbsp. balls then freeze until hard. After freezing, you melt some Chocolate over a double boiler, add some crisco to make it more dip-able, and then dip each ball in the chocolate to cover.


I then add some cookie crumbles or sprinkles. You should do this right after dipping so they stick to the cake balls. You can also drizzle more chocolate over the top after all the cake balls are dipped, using up the excess chocolate.

These little gems are addicting and are like having a piece of cake in bite-sized form!

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2 Responses to Fall Cake Balls

  1. Lou Hoeschen says:

    Thanks for the recipe–easier than I would have imagined!!! We may try some Christmas Cake balls this year—we could make them quite festive –maybe use white chocolate for dipping.

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