Photo-LOVE Cookies

Here are some super fun Camera LOVE Cookies! Two things influenced the making of these cookies. The first was that I saw an awesome picture of an older-style camera on-line and the second was that I was attending an Okinawa Photographer’s Meeting. I like to bring treats when meeting new people, it is a great way to break the ice and share something that I love to do. It’s also great for business! 😉

CameraCookie3I made my basic Sugar Cookie recipe and spiced it up a bit by adding some cinnamon to the dough. I cut out rectangle shapes for the body of the camera and rounds for the lens.

CameraCookie2I then whipped up some Royal Icing and used that to decorate the cookies. I did something new as well: I added some edible glitter to the grey and red icing. It’s very subtle though. Next time I am going to try painting with it once the icing as dried a bit.

CameraCookie1As per usual, these cookies tasted wonderful! The cinnamon gives them a special flavor that is different from a regular sugar cookie. They are almost too cute to eat….almost….!

CameraCookie4These cookies are extra special to me as well because I love photography. Especially macro and food photography. For those that don’t know…I am the photographer behind the logo that graces every photo. Yes, I both make and take my work and I am PROUD of that!

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