Strawberries & Cheetah Cupcakes

StrawberryCC1These latest cupcakes that I made are so stinking cute! I made some Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream for a wonderful lady’s Birthday. They turned out so wonderful and made the house smell so summery and nice.

StrawberryCC2I had some time to play with the way I piped on the frosting as well. I wanted to create some height without it being the standard “swirl”.

StrawberryCCfrost1The one that I liked best was super easy. Just use your largest star tip and pipe your frosting on the cupcake and make sure it flows outward to the edges of the cupcake. Start to pull upward to get some height while still building the frosting up. Once you reach the height you desire, stop, it’s that easy!

StrawberryCCfrost2Another cool part of these cupcakes were the liners that I used. They were a Pink Cheetah print. They brought the red/pink strawberry theme up another notch!

StrawberryCClinerThese cupcakes were super tasty and sweet. They were also light and refreshing at the same time. Strawberries have a way of doing that don’t they!? Order some and try them for yourself!


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