Firebirds Cake

FireBirdsCake3Here is some fun! I made a cake for my Husband’s squadron not to long ago. They are called the FIREBIRDS! It was my contribution to the fun, and it sure got a lot of comments and praise!

FireBirdsCake2I made a basic Yellow Cake and flavored it Almond. I frosted and decorated it with Vanilla Buttercream.

FireBirdsCake1The decorations and details are what makes this cake shine! I traced some of the design on, but for the rest I freehanded the outlines. I then filled in the outlines with colors using either a small round or small star tip.

FireBirdsBorderFor the final touch I put a border around the bottom. It consists of shells, stars, and little dots! I really liked this border design. It brought the whole cake together. All in all this was a fun cake to make and it was worth if for the reactions alone!

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