Pooh & Friends Cake & Cupcakes

PoohCake2Here is the latest order that I did for a client! It consisted of a 6 in. smash cake and 2 dozen cupcakes. The theme was Pooh & Friends! For the cake, I kept it simple and piped Pooh on the top. The cake is Vanilla, dyed red and yellow on the inside. It is frosted with Vanilla Buttercream.

PoohCake1For the cupcakes, I tried something new! I piped out the characters with Buttercream. There is Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eyore. They are 100% edible. I went with this route instead of fondant, because, lets face it, fondant does not get eaten! It looks cute, but it mostly gets thrown away…so I decided to try and get something just as cute, but totally edible!

PoohFriendsCCThe cupcakes were a mixture of Chocolate and Strawberry. They were frosted with a base layer of Vanilla Buttercream, then, once the characters were dry, placed on top, and Ta-Da, Pooh & Friends Cupcakes!


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