Mt. Fuji Cake

FujiCake5Here is the latest cake that I made: Mount Fuji Cake! I would like to tell you the story of how this cake came to be. First off, my husband and myself are going to be climbing Mt. Fuji in August! I am super excited and cannot wait! Second, I was making another cake and had an insane amount of leftover brown and grey buttercream. I was hesitant to just throw it out. So, having just said “yes” to Fuji and not wanting to waist, I thought “I’ll make a mountain cake!” More specifically, a Mt. Fuji Cake….Perfect!

FujiCake1So, I started by baking two 9 x 13 in. cakes, then 1 10in round, 1 9in round, and 2 8in rounds. I used 3 different types of cake: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Almond. I stacked them with a layer of Vanilla Buttercream between each layer, then carved out the mountain shape. To top it off, I made a little crater on top, since Mt. Fuji is a volcano after all!

FujiCake4For frosting the cake, I first started with a crumb layer. After that layer set, I moved on to the base, which was the grey, and frosted the entire cake with that color. Brown on the bottom was next, and it was blended in to make it look more natural. Lastly was the white for the snowcapped top of the mountain. I actually piped it on then blended it in later.

FujiCake3Now for the special touches! I added some leftover cake to the crater to serve as ash. I also blended some chocolate and vanilla cake crumbs around the base of the cake. After that I felt like the cake needed some color, so I added some green food dye to leftover almond cake crumbs and sprinkled them on the outside. It gives it the pop of color it needed!

FujiCake2Not quite done yet! You have to climb the mountain now that it’s done, so I added a little “path” up to the top. There is also a starting and ending flag with the Japanese rising sun on it. Perfect, now it is done!

FujiCake6I brought this to a party that a friend was having. He is also accompanying us on this climb so it was fitting. It sure got a lot of reactions. They loved it, and then loved it even more when they found out it was cake and it was entirely edible. (except for the flags of course) I had a blast making this cake and I look forward to maybe making more in the future! *wink wink*

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3 Responses to Mt. Fuji Cake

  1. Lou says:

    Amazing—–you truly can turn anything into a cake—I guess that would be the combination of pastry chef and artist! in you !!

    Aunt Lou

  2. geri padellford says:

    Love your latest creation, you are so talented!

  3. Carole Archambault says:

    Sarah!! I’m almost speechless!! What an idea … and what follow through!! Love you…Carole Aunt Lil says hi too and loves looking at your cakes and cookies.

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