Okinawa Skateboard Cake

OkiSkateboard3Here is the latest cake that I made. It’s an Okinawa & Reggae Themed Skateboard Cake! It was going to be a surprise for a young man’s birthday. I was told he loves Okinawa, reggae music, and skateboarding so this is what I came up with – I sure hope he enjoyed it!

OkiSkateboard4The interior cake was Strawberry flavored and it was frosted with Chocolate Buttercream. It was then covered in black fondant and decorated with royal icing. There is only one part that is not edible. Otherwise, you could eat every part!

OkiSkateboard1In the center of the skateboard is Okinawa in Kanji. It is on all of the local license plates and “I Love Okinawa” bumper stickers. On one side is the birthday boy’s name in Katakana and on the other is Happy Birthday. I followed the reggae theme by using the colors red, yellow & green.

OkiSkateboard2I really enjoyed making this cake! I learned that using royal icing to decorate on top of fondant is a really good idea. That decorating technique will be used again in future cakes for sure!


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