Zucchini Bread & Oat Bran Muffins

So I have been experimenting with different types of flours & gains lately. Two that I am going to feature in this post are Whole Wheat Flour and Oat Bran.  I have been subbing WW Flour in recipes when I can. I feel it is a healthy change and provides a few more nutrients that regular flour. I have no issues with the taste/texture. I know it is more dense and of course has a different flavor, but I find myself really liking it!


The first recipe I made with WW Flour was some Zucchini Bread. The recipe was simple and healthy. It had honey, very little sugar, olive oil, eggs, and zucchini which provided both a vegetable and a good deal of moisture.


It turned out okay for my first time, but I do feel it can be better. It was moist and you could taste the zucchini. More variations on this one to come!

CinnAppBranMuff3The next recipe I made used Oat Bran. I had picked some up hearing that it was a good grain/carb to have in a healthy diet. I wasn’t keen on using it to make “oat-bran-meal” in the hot sense. I wanted to used it in bread/muffin baking!

CinnAppBranMuff2Using the recipe that was on the back of the box as a guide, I made some Cinnamon-Apple Bran Muffins. I also subbed out the regular flour for WW Flour in the recipe. I used natural/no added sugar applesauce as well.

CinnAppBranMuff1They turned out quite good – for a bran muffin! They were moist and cinnamon-y with a hint of apple at the end. This is also another healthy recipe, using very little sugar, egg whites, and olive oil instead of butter. I have made them since, but I made Pear-Ginger Bran Muffins. They were tasty as well and more variations will come for sure!

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