Dexter Cake

I got a request from a husband to make a cake for a surprise birthday party he was planning for his wife. He had two specific requests: make the cake Dexter-themed (wife’s favorite show) and make it vanilla cake AND cheesecake in the same cake!

DexterCake1First I did my research. I found a cheesecake recipe and make it my own by adding chocolate chip cookie dough to the batter. Then I researched the show Dexter. I found out that the main character in the show is an expert on bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami PD and he is also a serial killer!

DexterCakeIntNext I made the cake. A vanilla cake was dyed red to match the Dexter theme. Then the cheesecake was made, frozen, and cut to fit on top of the vanilla cake. It was then finished with another layer of vanilla cake on top. So it was a three-layer cake: Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake, and Vanilla Cake.

DexterCake2Then it was on to the decorating. I frosted the cake with basic Vanilla Buttercream. I also put a small layer of buttercream between the cake and cheesecake layers inside the cake. Then I piped on the Dexter show logo on top of the cake and added the interior color as well as piping the border. Last was the best part…Bloodstains! I used an edible blood recipe and thinned it out and splattered it all over the cake. That was pretty fun to do and I learned how to make the blood look a certain way, drippy or splashed, etc.

DexterCake3This cake was a lot of fun to make! Layering the cheesecake and the cakes, and the bloodstains, I really enjoyed working on it. I heard that it was a hit at the party and was very tasty indeed!

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5 Responses to Dexter Cake

  1. Amy Shehadey says:

    so cool Sarah. You are an artist of all sorts!
    Amy Shehadey

  2. Lou says:

    Amazing—-your cakes take on more creativity each time—I cna’t wait to taste one—some day!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    So Amazing, I shot an email your way about ordering some cupcakes and possibly a smash cake for my son who is turning 1. I really hope you are available.

  4. baker boxes says:

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have incredibly enjoyed reading your page posts. Any way I am going to be subscribing for the feed and I hope to visit your page once again soon.

  5. bakery boxes says:

    I learned alot by reading your posting. I have been reading your blog alot over the past few days and it has earned a place in my bookmarks.

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