Graduation Cake 2011

GradGBWCake3Here is a cake that a did for a wonderful young lady’s High School Graduation. Her mother approached me to make a cake for her as a surprise. The request was for something graduation themed and to have the colors be green, black and white. I ended up making a 14 x 10 inch Marble Layer Cake with Vanilla Buttercream.

GradGBWCake2On top of the cake I made a graduation mortar board hat. The base is a chocolate cake baked in a bowl, covered in a layer of buttercream, then topped with black fondant. The top is a piece of  cardboard covered with black fondant. This, along with the tassel, were the only un-edible parts of the cake!

GradGBWCake1For the decorations, I piped “Class of 2011” on the top of the cake, then filled the letters green buttercream. I used the shell border along the top and bottom. I also wrote on the side in white buttercream. I like the contrast of the white on white. You can see it, but it does not over power the cake.

GradGBWCupcake1The mother also wanted cupcakes. There were Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes. They were topped with vanilla buttercream that was colored green and white, then swirled together. They turned out so cute!

GradGBWCupcake2Both the cake and the cupcakes got rave reviews. The cake was moist, and the chocolate cupcakes were super chocolate-y. I also got some major hits for future cake and baked good orders while I was at the party, and it was a blast to see the daughters reaction to the cake!


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