Princess Cake & Petite Fours

PinkPrincessCakeCUEHere is the latest cake that I made. It was for a client’s daughter’s birthday party. She was having a Princess Tea Party theme. The client asked for a pink 8 in. round cake and a dozen Petite Fours.

PinkPrincessCake1The cake was pretty straight forward. Basic Vanilla Cake dyed pink, frosted with Vanilla Buttercream, and then covered in pink tinted fondant. Then I decorated the cake with little rolled pearl balls around the base and “quilted” the side of the cake and added little pearls in the intersections. The cake top was left blank to be later topped with a pretty tiara!


PrincessPFcutThe Petite Fours were fun to make. I had never done it before so I started experimenting. I liked some of the results, and others needed tweaking. I ended up making a 9 x 13 cake, cutting it into 1.5 inch squares and then covering them with two layers of a poured fondant/powdered sugar glaze. The glaze was dyed pink as well and flavored with vanilla and almond.

PrincessPF2I then topped them off with purple sprinkles. They were super cute and, of course, tasty and moist.

PrincessPF1I would like to give a shout-out to the lovely lady behind Footsteps Photography who took the two photos of the cake at the party. Thank you!

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3 Responses to Princess Cake & Petite Fours

  1. Sandy says:

    You are truly talented! I am so impressed! I love watching those cake shows and yours look like you could be on one of the shows as well! Good job cousin!

    Sandy Zweber

  2. Vanessa Amaya says:

    how did you do the “stitch quilt”?

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