Heart Sugar Cookies

SHWSwirlCUSHWHeartCUSo I had a little get-together to go to and thought about bringing a treat. I was in the mood to do some piddly decorating, so I made some Sugar Cookie Hearts!

SHRSwirlCUI used my go-to sugar cookie recipe. Same one that was used in the Watermelons and Suns. I decided on red and white for the colors.

SHWSwirl1While I was getting out my large heart cookie cutter, I found an itty bitty little heart. I decided that I would find some way to use it. This is what the result was: a little heart window in the corner. Too cute!

SHRHeartCUAs always, these cookies were tasty tasty! Wishing love to all my readers!

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1 Response to Heart Sugar Cookies

  1. Nicole James says:

    These were absolutely delicious and looked almost too good to eat… almost 🙂

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