Baby Basket Cake

BabyBasket2Here is the latest cake that I made for the last installment of the Wilton Cake Classes that I took.

BabyBasket1I made a basic white cake with while vanilla buttercream. We were required to pipe on the Basket Weave on our final cake. It was very informative and I got a few tips for making the weave look nice and even.

BabyBasketI covered it whit Royal Icing Flowers that we had made in a previous class. My theme was baby blue and light pink, hence the Baby Cake!

BabyBasket3To take the cake to the next level, can you guess what I did? Yeah, I dyed the inside of the cake. One layer was pink and one layer was blue. It turned out so cute. And it tasted good as well!


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1 Response to Baby Basket Cake

  1. hi honey!
    so cute. they just had a twist on this on tv a week or two ago. they bring an envelope to the ultra sound, the tech puts the gender in the envelope, seals it and they bring it to the bakery. the baker makes the cake pink or blue and then frosts it. at the shower (or what ever event i suppose) , as they cut into the cake, the gender is revealed ~ it was so fun to watch. just another idea for your bag of tricks!
    you do such BEAUTIFUL, amazing work! i wish you lived closer – i can’t bake to save my life!!!!!
    love ya lady!

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