Chili Chocolate Carrot Scones

ChiliCarrotScone2So, I made my first scone the other week. I had a lot of carrots on hand and I wanted to make something else besides a carrot cake or carrot cookie. I debated over carrot muffins, but then I saw a recipe for carrot scones! The end result was Chili Chocolate Carrot Scones.

ChiliCarrotScone3This is my first time making scones, or at least for quite some time! They were very easy to make. (beside the grating of the carrots…I sure got my arm workout in!) After baking up the scones, I topped them with a simple ganache that was spiked with some cayenne pepper to give them a little kick!

ChiliCarrotScone1The texture of the scones was pretty good. I think they were a little to cake-y because of the moisture in the carrots. I would have liked them to be a little more “dense” and lest “moist”, if you will. The taste was interesting as well. It was not bad by any means, just different and I would have to say that this is not my favorite flavor combination. Carrot and chocolate flavors may not be meant to be together. I think next time I make these, I would top them with a glaze of some sort. Not chocolate. It’s an experiment!

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