Churro Cupcakes

Here is the latest cupcake that I have made! It is a Churro Cupcake. I made them for a Cinco de Mayo party.

ChurroCC1A churro is a piece of fried dough that is coated in cinnamon and sugar. Many Mexican restaurants serve this popular dessert. When I was asked to make a dessert for this party, I wanted to bring something familiar yet different. Since normal churros are best when made to order I thought about converting it into a cupcake.

ChurroCCFocusAfter doing some recipe research and combining some recipes. I ended up with these babies! They consist of a Cinnamon Cupcake base. Next, there is a Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. Lastly, they are topped with fried cinnamon-sugar tortillas.

ChurroCC2Boy-oh-boy these were yummy! The cupcake had a nice cinnamon flavor that, when combined with the frosting, was very wonderful. Not too cinnamon-y or too sweet. These were very pleasant and next time I would like to try them filled with some Dulce-de-Leche….yummy!

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1 Response to Churro Cupcakes

  1. Sandy says:


    I love all your creations! Such a great job! The basket weave was beautiful and the two different colors was so creative and added that something extra – just what will put you out over your competition!

    Cousin Sandy

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